Digital Transition for Architects, Engineers & Contractors

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    The Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry has undergone a major digital shift in recent years. The future is exciting and disruptive technologies are changing the landscape on a regular basis.

    Are you ready to move with the times?

    Procad can help you transition smoothly while ensuring that you are ahead of competition each step of the way.


    This series will dive into some of the technologies and processes to put you ahead of the competition.


    Deep Dive into BIM 360 Design

    A technical discussion initiating your Revit project to the cloud, creating teams, packages, live linking models, viewing design changes, version compare and a lot more.


    BIM 360 Docs as a PAS & ISO Common Data-Environment

    A discussion on how BIM360 Docs can be utilised as a PAS1192 and ISO19650 Common Data Environment platform.



    BIM 360 Model Coordination

    A technical overview and chat on Model Coordination and how it will benefit all disciplines of a project from concept through to Handover.

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