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How to use BIM on SME           projects in Ireland        (Part 2)         

Live Webinar: Thurs, April 26th

Live Webinar: Are you an SME Architectural, Engineering or Construction business?
Join our #BIM4SME Series of webinars


While there is a growing interest in BIM among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ireland, there are significant challenges preventing its full adoption. Significant work needs to be done to encourage full BIM adoption across SMEs. This series of webinars is focused on BIM in an Irish context, where we will explore the benefits of using BIM within SMEs, show how BIM is used for SME type projects and identify the barriers to implementing BIM within SMEs. We will discuss case studies, workflows, technologies and the simple do’s and don’ts of implementing BIM in an SME business. 


Global BIM in an SME Context

BIM is about Information Management using digital technologies to allow for better planning, design and collaboration. Workflows are no longer paper-based and companies need to embrace the efficiencies that are available through adopting BIM in their organisations.
Resources such as time, finance and skill levels are critical to the adoption of BIM and particularly so within SMEs. Fortunately, there are grants and other supports available from Enterprise Ireland to assist companies in their BIM journey. 
Contact Procad to find out more about your options. 

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Live Webinars

As part of a 3 stage webinar series, we will be showing how SMEs can adopt BIM in Ireland. Join us for the second webinar in this series on April 26th at 12 noon in which we will delve deeper into discussing the process that can achieve successful BIM workflow implementation in your SME.
We will demonstrate the practical application of these workflows and the benefits over traditional design workflows.

Other webinars to follow include:

  • May 10th - How to adopt BIM in your SME Business.

Supporting SMEs in BIM Adoption  - Talk to Procad about your next step