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Manage your project documents more effectively with BIM360 Docs  

Live Webinar with Procad
April 12th 2018

BIM 360 Docs

Effectively Manage your Project Documents 

BIM360 Docs

Get real-time access to the most recent versions of digital plans and documents with BIM360 Docs. The software allows you to spend more time co-ordinating your files from concept right through to completion. Stay on schedule with the latest document management tool, safe in the knowledge that the entire project team is working on the correct document version. 



Join Procad on Thurs, April 12th at 10am to learn
how BIM 360 Docs can: 
  • • Improving Quality and Rework – “Single Source of Truth”
    • Enhancing your BIM Workflows – Meeting BS1192 requirements
    • Improving Commissioning and Handover Process – Commenting &   Issues
    • Managing Field Workflow with RFIs
    • Managing Field Performance with Document Viewing & Mark-ups
    • Simplifying Document Version Control

More Options, Better Design Tools & the Best Return on your Investment!